Ship Or Die

Day 7 of Seth Godin’s “Your Turn Challenge” – Tumblr

I’m not a natural entrepreneur.  I didn’t bring newspapers to my neighbors’ front doors for a nickel when I was a kid;  I didn’t build a technology platform of note in my teen years;  my dorm room wasn’t an incubator.

My instinct is often to over-analyze, over-research, over-plan…to wait for the next shiny idea to appear so I don’t actually have to ship.  Paralysis by analysis, if you will.

About six years ago, I waged all out war with this mental code segment.  “Two of us entered, but only will leave” type shit.  Nuclear, chemical, and biological warfare to the death.

The experience of the Your Turn Challenge is the newest weapon in my arsenal.  Seven days of idea-to-action.  Seven days of shipment.  Seven small businesses launched.

Rest assured, if I win the war…the businesses won’t say this small for long.

Ship Or Die

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