3 Launch Takeaways – Day One

1.)  Yancey Strickler and Jeff Weiner are impressive leaders.  Both CEO’s of their respective companies, Yancey and Jeff kicked off the conference with the right themes: devotion to, and protection of, the company value proposition above all else; preservation of an authentic and worthy mission that both employees and customers understand; continued innovation and improvement regardless of past success(es).  These guys embody the companies they represent and, despite their roles in two of the hottest companies on the planet, remain aware of what they know and what they don’t.  Hopefully the participating startups were taking notes.

2.)  I need to know more about Chris Sacca and his projects.  Chris was refreshingly candid in his opinions on Silicon Valley — basically, he “can’t wait for this bubble to burst” (yes, his words).  As is evident in some of my previous posts, I have a hard time buying into the long term viability of the “unicorn universe” that is the technology sector.  Chris clearly shares these opinions — knowing 129,485,028,109% more than I do on the matter — and had the balls to publicly express his interest in purging the “posers” from the tech startup space so we can get back to small, authentic teams who are building platforms that matter.

3.)  Day one company that blew my mind: Unoceros.  Day one company whose product I can’t wait to use: Point.

my Day 1 notes

3 Launch Takeaways – Day One

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