3 Launch Takeaways – Day Two

1.)  There is a craving for businesses that actually address and intelligently solve a real pain point (go figure).  Many companies (not all) appear to be creating technology platforms for technology’s sake — building because they can rather than because they should.  You can read it in the faces of the venture folks and successful entrepreneurs judging these company launch pitches.  They’re tired of the content, the structure, the aim.  The nth app creation with a shot at an eventual liquidity event but no real soul.

2.)  Peter Thiel is a genius…he may also be a robot.  His ability to remain in a constant state of monotone objectivity is certainly intimidating and almost unnerving.  I get the impression that Thiel is the expert in the room on just about everything, and even those businessmen and women who inhabit the rarified air he does place him at the top of their hierarchy…in a sphere of influence that is wholly unique.  Zero to One reading marathon this month for sure.

3.)  Day one company that blew my mind: CrowdCast.  Day two company whose product I can’t wait to use: GivMe.

my Day 2 notes

3 Launch Takeaways – Day Two

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