Cuban Weighs In

The omnipresent Blog Maverick is speaking up about the tech bubble and the general ridiculousness of the private equity / fundraising market.  In two posts — March 4th & March 5th — Cuban comments on the impending doom that awaits private investors who are throwing around money in hopes that it will stick to the next billion dollar widget.

While I’m obviously in Cuban’s camp and respect the fact that he’s seen this once before…I wonder how he reconciles his current pessimism with his former success(es) as a techpreneur.  Most notably, Yahoo’s April 1999 purchase of Cuban’s for $5.7 billion is commonly sighted as one of the worst tech acquisitions in history.  Cuban has all the street-cred to criticize what’s going on in the startup world, but he is simultaneously the most recognizable “payout poster child” of the previous bubble.

Cuban Weighs In

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